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High-level Containment Facilities

By providing mid-Wales’ only (business accessible) high-level containment laboratory facilities (CL3 and CL2) for working with pathogenic micro-organisms, VetHub1 will engage with SMEs, HEIs and multi-national companies in developing research/commercial activities targeting diseases of animal and public health importance.

VetHub¹ will additionally work with government and other stakeholders to complement Veterinary support services throughout Wales and to enhance National capabilities/contingencies (in pathogen detection).  We also will support our users/partners in the development of start-up and spin-out activities.

Veterinary Services

By offering veterinary services in Wales that normally are performed elsewhere and by assisting in pathogen detection where existing facilities cannot meet demand, VetHub¹ will contribute to a national resiliency network assisting veterinary practices and farmers.

The additional impact of VetHub¹’s services will also support the future development and current implementation of local and national Government strategies/policies.

VetHub¹ will also enable new and improved products and services to be developed in support of the animal health industry.

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